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New Resident Information

Welcome to Northcrest Ranch! We've put our association online to provide you with more convenience and a wealth of Web site services and opportunities to share ideas and information; get news and announcements; access an online resource center for important association documents and forms; and much more.

We're excited about offering New Resident Information and consider it a valuable amenity for the association. For an overview of the Northcrest Property Owners Association and to help you get connected with your community, click 'Home' then 'Who We Are'.

You may learn more about our demographics by going to the East Montgomery County Improvement District at: If you select Demographics - Claritas Report then Hyway 242 and US 59 you'll get a bit more information about this area of Montgomery County.

To stay up-to-date on happenings in the local area that are not available anywhere else, go to

See below for information to aid new owners in finding utilities, phone services, schools and churches in the neighborhood. Furthermore it provides tips on aerobic sewer system maintenance, and security systems. It also provides information on available television, internet services and propane services.

Electricity Service

Electricity is provided by Entergy Gulf States

Water Services

NCR water is provided by Quadvest, Inc.
Water- Account #556

Telephone Services

Both cellular and land line phone services are readily available to NCR home owners. One consideration for phone selection is services provided by SBC (AT&T) for bundled DSL internet and phone services. See Internet for more details.

Neighborhood Schools

Several elementary, middle and high schools service the NCR area. The links below provide information about each of the schools in our area.

Greenleaf Elementary School

Peach Creek Elementary School

Splendora Intermediate School

Splendora Jr. High School

Splendora High School

Splendora Independent School District

Find a Church or Synagogue near you.

Search by Zip Code.

Here are several Zip Codes and approximate distance to help with your search.


Zip Code

Direction and Approximate Distance

New Caney





North US 59 about 6 miles



South US 59 about 9 miles


77325 (PO BOX), 77339, 77345, 77346

South US 59 about 17 miles

Other Zip Codes in the area:










Cut and Shoot




The Woodlands


The Woodlands

Use the link below to locate places of worship near NCR.

Propane Services

A number of propane services are available here in NCR. Typical tank rental can be from about $10 to $40 per year.You may find a dealer by searching:

Also try doing a Google Advance search for "Propane companies, New Caney, TX" Be sure to use the "Exact Wording or Phrase" portion of the search window. This will localize the search for these businesses.

Sewer and Aerobic Systems

What are Aerobic septic systems and how do they compare to standard septic tank systems? Aerobic septic systems are used in situations where standard septic systems are not a viable option. Aerobic systems are similar to septic systems in that they both use natural processes to treat wastewater. But unlike septic (anaerobic) treatment, the aerobic treatment process requires oxygen. There are two types of bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic. Aerobic bacteria work much faster than anaerobic bacteria, which mean they process septic tank waste more quickly. Aerobic treatment units consist of three tanks (or chambers): the first tank separates the large solids from the water; the second tank is the treatment zone and contains the aeration chamber followed by the clarifying chamber; and the last one is the pump/holding tank. As water flows into the pump tank it flows through the chlorination chamber. A small rotary compressor is used to inject and circulate air inside the treatment tank, which accelerates the treatment process. Aerobic treatment units use a mechanism to inject and circulate air inside the treatment tank, which accelerates or speeds up the treatment process. This mechanism requires electricity to operate. For this reason, aerobic systems cost more to operate and need more routine maintenance than most septic systems. However, when properly operated and maintained, aerobic systems can provide a high quality wastewater treatment alternative to septic systems. They can also be used in some cases by owners of wooded lots, who don't want to clear enough land to install a traditional septic tank and drain field. Aerobic systems are required in Northcrest Ranch unless a waiver is granted by the POA Board.

Section 285.7(f)(1) of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality On-site Sewage Facilities states that "The owner of each surface application system shall continuously maintain a signed written contract with a valid maintenance company and shall submit a copy of the contract to the permitting authority at least 30 days prior to expiration of the previous contract.b

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